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Sense of Presence – What is Virtual Reality?

Sep 30 2015

From Epic Games: In this new documentary series, we explore virtual reality as a new medium for entertainment and human interaction. Download…

Skybox 2.0 (WIP)

Sep 20 2015

As we wrap up Version 1.0 of ‘Experience: Stark Tower’ we are also in production on the upcoming content, including Skybox 2.0,… Launched!

Sep 20 2015

We are significantly investing into Virtual Reality. It is our responsibility to support platforms and technologies that we believe in. Because of…

Tony Stark Tech Demo

Sep 17 2015

We are currently working on Tony Stark / Iron Man and getting his face rig completed/ready for the interaction upgrade coming shortly…

Featured On The Discovery Channel!

Sep 16 2015

We were on the a Discovery Channel via Daily Planet. ¬†Audio capture is minimal but we hope to get a direct recording…

‘Experience: Stark Tower VR’ Announced!

Sep 09 2015

We are working on multiple VR products at the moment and we are ready to officially reveal our first! This is part…