‘Experience: Stark Tower VR’ Announced!

September 9, 2015

We are working on multiple VR products at the moment and we are ready to officially reveal our first! This is part of our ‘Experience’ brand of VR and these products will allow you to experience a wide range of eras and “fantastical” realms.


Experience: Stark Towers‘ allows players to experience the iconic tower like never before. The first release will be the core release, offering a “Free Roam’ option for players to explore many areas. Over time we have three updates planned, including:

01) Skybox 2.0
This will include improved structures, road splines and traffic.

02) Iron Man Appearance
This will have Iron Man himself land right in front of you.

03) Avengers Tour
This will be an interactive experience allowing the player to encounter multiple avengers, stylized landing/entrance and interaction. Planned for 2016.

We have two other VR products wrapping development and we cannot wait to show you more! You can learn more about us here:

If you’re looking for a business opportunity please email us here:

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